Safety studies

betterair has successfully passed all safety requirement protocols in complete accordance with EPA standards at betterair labs and at certified 3rd party GLP labs.

Passed all tests in accordance with EPA protocols

Safety testing of Enviro-Biotics® are in complete accordance with EPA protocols as part of the certification process.

Passed an inhalation test

Our Enviro-Biotics® passed a lung challenge test on the effect of on inhalation.

Susceptibility for antibiotic resistance

A antibiotics susceptibility test was carried out, to determine resistance to 22 types of antibiotics.

No residual presence found in the lungs

Our Enviro-Biotics® passed an injection test using precise DNA sequencing and no residual presence of Enviro-Biotics® was found in the lungs after testing.

No dermal or eye contact risks

Our Enviro-Biotics® passed testing of dermal and eye contact

No Risk in swallowing

Our Enviro-Biotics® passed testing of Oral impact

No red blood cell destruction

Our Enviro-Biotics® passed a specific test to determine Lack of Hemolysis, to determine that there is no breakdown/destruction of red blood cells.

No critical body cell membrane destruction

Our Enviro-Biotics® passed an essential test to prove that the formula does not produce a Lecithinase enzyme which breaks down lecithin, an essential component of body cell membranes.

Strict quality control and assurance

betterair’s labs are under a strict ISO 9001 certification, and thus perform harsh quality control and assurance tests on each complete Enviro-Biotics® batch before packaging.

Stringent production standards

betterair’s production facilities are fully accredited GMP and our production process is under stringent hygienic standards. Each production batch is Quality controlled to full sanitation and product integrity.

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