Field household study to evaluate Enviro-Biotics® on pets

Pets are well known as a source of allergies for their owners. In acute occasions, owners are heartbroken with the need to distance themselves from their loved pets as such allergies may become a serious health hazard. betterair has been documenting alleviation of pet’s owner allergies across multiple conditions and locations. This test provides further evidence to the effectiveness in bad odor reduction.

In addition to owners’ suffering, pets are also exposed to allergies and discomfort resulted from living in modern facilities that are away from nature; the adaption of our pets may prove problematic at times. betterair has devoted resources to research impact of its Enviro-Biotics® solution on pets. This study was conducted by Invetus, the largest Australasian veterinary contract research organisation (CRO) with sites throughout Australia and New Zealand and managed by Orivet genetic pet care, Australia.

The objective was to evaluate dog owner’s perception of pruritus (atopic skin condition) of their allergic dogs and malodour following frequent use of Enviro-Biotics® over a 21day period. This study has also evaluated the population pattern of S. pseudintermedius and Enviro-Biotics® in a subgroup of the study animals. Dogs with atopic dermatitis have been shown to have less species of bacteria on their skin compared to healthy dogs, therefore contributing to a compromised skin barrier leading to increased itch and skin odour. Atopic dogs are also at a significantly increased risk of developing skin infections (pyoderma). This pilot study was aimed to evaluate the effects of regular topical application of Enviro-Biotics® on dogs with atopic dermatitis and their sleeping area.

Furthermore, the assessment of specific bacteriological cultures, pruritus (itch) scores and owner’s perception of odour, on skin and bedding before and during the use of the product over a 21-day period was evaluated.

Pruritis assessment:

For the pruritis variable we found a reduction in value of -0.6% per day. The reduction was found to be statistically significant (F1,11.01=7.05, p=0.022).

Odour assessment:

For the odour assessment, we found a decrease of 0.57% per day ( Figure 1b) .

Bacterial culture assessment:

The number of bacteriological cultures positive for S. pseudintermedius declined for these dogs over Day 7-21, while the number of cultures positive for Enviro-Biotics™ remained constant over this period


We can see a statistically significant decrease in Pruritis scoring, together with a clear decrease in bad odour, furthermore, we can see a decrease in S. pseudintermedius (primarily a pathogen for domestic animals, but has been known to affect humans as well) while Enviro-Biotics™ remained constant.

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