EL AL trial on Boeing 777 Fleet

Aircrafts are among the most challenging indoor environments of all other transportation modes due to:

  1.  Closed ventilation systems where one is physically confined and exposed to during the entire flight duration.
  2. Time spent on flights can be considerably long
  3. The density of passengers inside aircrafts is higher than other transportation means
  4.  The extensive duration, the distinct air pressure conditions plus the microbial load puts stress on humans, consequently weakening the  immune system.

Passengers and crew inflight illnesses is notoriously known and well documented; available technology in service provides minimal or no relief. betterair has taken on the challenge, collaborating with ElAl – the national Israeli airlines, to improve passenger’s wellbeing in flights; ElAl ‘s vision has been to proactively protect its passengers and crew, therefore, enthusiastically agreed to collaborate with betterair on testing of its 777 aircraft fleet.

The primary goal had been the evaluation of betterair’s effectiveness of its solutions, providing an initial insight to the feasibility of microbial load reduction (allergens, bacteria and mold) within the aircraft, and conclude whether betterair Enviro-Biotics® technology may lead to an increased prevention of infection development on flights. 

Aircraft solution providers are not allowed to operate systems during flights, therefore need to relay on
pre flights treatment. betterair applied its Enviro-Biotics® by spraying immediately following the pre-flight cleaning processes of the EL AL maintenance crew. this required a high dosage in a short time.  betterair met the challenge with custom-made, high-power handheld misting devices.

A summary of these few weeks of testing is provided below where the graphs depict the raw data analyzed by Hayes Microbial laboratories in the US, following collection of samples in the fuselage area – carpets, food trays, remote control devices, seats and toilets seats.

It is clearly evident that the high concentration of pathogens (the Red bars) exists prior to betterair treatment has virtually disappeared where beneficial microorganism of Enviro-Biotics® had taken their place making sure the pathogens have no vacancy to grow and prosper; it is an Ecological Restoration & Balancing well executed.

ElAl - Composite test of Air & Surfaces - Results of 2 & 4 weeks

The pathogens (in Red) before treatment* has initiated After 2 & 4 weeks* of treatment betterair’s Enviro-Biotics Agents (in Green) dominates the space in lieu of the pathogens.

*   Hayes lab report Job ElAl-0
** Hayes lab report jobs ElAl 336 & 720
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