Commercial properties

Modern facilities, namely indoor space at commercial properties, are recognized as fostering Building Related Illness (BRI). There are multiple reasons where the major of these are deployment of mechanical ventilation systems (HVAC), poor ventilation and its “allergens friendly” furniture and fixtures.
betterair has conducted many facilities testings’ to measure the impact of Enviro-Biotics® on reduction of BAI. Accurate measurement of impact requires sampling and monitoring of building microbiome over many weeks; therefore, the most inclusive trials were executed in Israel where betterair research center is located.
The following are research reports of 3 office facilities of various industries:

Israeli Police Forces Jerusalem district, Israel


 Few offices were chosen across the police campus. Measurement of indoor’s contamination level were conducted before and after treatment, and samples were analysed at the Hayes microbial laboratories in the US. The results are shown by the Red bars on the graph below. The Green bars represents the measurement on same spots 4 weeks into the space treated with Enviro-Biotics®

The graph demonstrates a reduction of airborne irritants and a noticeable improvement in air and surface quality; such reduction translated to an improved productivity, decrease of headaches and symptoms associated with Building Related Illness (BRI). The improvement had been recognized by the Police force and its Chief Medical Officer 

Altman Offices in Israel

Altman is an international leading manufacturer of wellbeing products and food supplements.
The graph below show results 4 weeks of treatment with Enviro-Biotics® (Green bars) compared to pre-trail condition (Red bars)

Caspi Sror Law offices Tel Aviv

Betterair was invited to demonstrate solution following outbreak of rashes and itchy eyes reporting by the office’s attorneys; these phenomena are associated with poor indoor air and surface quality, and existence of dangerous pathogens and allergy causing bacteria. These pathogens were itemized by the Red bars, and their reduction by the Green bars on the graph below. Naturally, such reduction had immediately followed by reduced report of headaches, itchy eyes and fatigue.


Our field trials clearly demonstrate the significant reduction of presence of harmful bacteria, mold and allergens that contribute to our building occupants’ illnesses. The acute suffering of building occupants inflicts financial damages of $ tens of billions in lost productivity due to presenteeism and increased absenteeism.  Deployment of betterair Industrial products transforms a sick building into a healthier one promptly.

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