Our Case Studies

Our Case Studies

betterair provides devices that service a wide range of indoor spaces – from a room and an office to large facilities such as high-rise buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and more. In addition, betterair develops devices for the transportation industry – trains, airplanes, buses and automobiles. Restoration and preservation of a healthy ecosystem by betterair has been tested, analyzed and certified by world renown experts in multiple trials that demonstrate superb efficacy in reduction of allergies and diseases outbreaks.

Transportation and aviation

Time spent on traveling increased considerably in recent decades which consequently increased our exposure to diseases carried by others.  betterair protects you on your journeys.

Clinics and medical facilities ​

Medical facilities have become a health hazard. New generations of antibiotic resistant bacteria increases injuries and mortality, rendering the stay in some of these institutes a life threatening hazard to both visitors and employees. betterair decreases the likelihood of contagious diseases outbreaks. 

Commercial properties​

We are exposed to harmful bacteria, mold and allergens that prosper in our offices, our children’s schools and other places that become part of our daily schedule. All these places are exposed to health risks known as  BRI – Building Related Illness. betterair provides the technology and products to reduce building illnesses.

Our pets ​

Pets are a source of love and joy. Unfortunately, those loved creatures may burden our home with   bad odor and allergies decrease wellbeing of you, your family and the pets. betterair provides easy remedies.

Trial at the University of Oregon​

A unified treating of surfaces objects and air is betterair’s invention. betterair has pioneered the Ecological Restoration technique for the indoors. betterair technology has been challenged against pathogens and allergens in a ten months room size climate control simulator at the university’s environmental study center

Hospitality and Care

betterair protects you away from home whether on your hotel’s short duration stay or your extended duration such as with nursing homes, securing your health and well-being.

Asthma and Allergies

Allergens, which are mostly proteins generates by dust mites, pet dander and pollen are the major source for allergies and Asthma.  Enviro-Biotics® by betterair reduce allergens by consuming these harmful proteins and the contaminants generated by allergens. 

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