Care Partners Assisted Living Facility – a 4 months study

Hosting facilities, whether designed for clients at caregiving centers or clients spending a vacation time, all suffer from symptoms of Building Related illnesses (BRI), but intensified.
The prolonged stay which usually includes overnight, eating accommodations and additional amenities expose the guest to facilities’ contamination and additional impact of microbiome introduced by the other guests and staff.

The elderly occupants in nursing home are more vulnerable due to age and consequent health issues that makes their coping with indoor environmental contamination harder. betterair had taken the challenge to demonstrate the possible environmental improvement in such facilities.  A collaborative study with the university of Oshkosh in Wisconsin was designed to assess the influence of the betterair environmental probiotic system on levels of microbial contamination at Care Partners Assisted Living community in Little Chute, Wisconsin.  Environmental sampling was done in four double-occupancy units (two each in two separate wings of the facility).to evaluate effect on a highly utilized living area. Half of the rooms were untreated and used as “control”.

The summary data on the graphs below indicates that the levels of Gram-negative bacteria, including fecal indicator bacteria representing potential pathogens, were greatly reduced in multiple surfaces that were monitored, including the inner surface of the vent ducts following the application of the betterair Enviro-Biotics®.

Replacement of gram-negative bacteria, a family of illnesses causing bacteria,  with betterair Enviro-Biotics has been clearly achieved.


betterair demonstrates its ability to reduce pathogenic contaminations in the highly challenging nursing care facilities center of Partner Assisted Living. Decrease of contamination should result in decrease of illnesses and an increase of quality of living and well-being.  In addition, staff and occupants reported a significant decrease of bad odors. Bad odor is resulted by pathogenic activity, the reduction of pathogens applying Enviro-Biotics®, mandates reduction of the consequent odor.

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